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NBA Live Mobile Game – An Introduction!

NBA Live Mobile Game is being developed and published by Electronic Arts. It is a fast paced action packed game which you can easily play for hours and that too without getting bored for a moment. Already the game has created plenty of buzz in the mobile gaming world and ready to break all previous records for sure. Still, there are many game lovers who are thinking about getting the game on their mobile and for them, our NBA Live Mobile Game review will serve as a perfect source of information. In our detailed review, we have covered all important aspects with perfection.

  1. How to Get Started – Just like other mobile gaming apps, you are required to go through the installation process and follow the instructions carefully. Work on the settings like age, favorite team, username and login preference in the right manner. When you are done with these settings, you will go through a detailed tutorial which will teach you about shoot, pass and other basic aspects associated with the game. In the tutorial, you will be given instructions regarding how to use the app and then you are ready to play. Starting process is not complicated at all and you will have a perfect and amazing basketball in your own smartphone in just a few moments.
  2. A Quick Look At Gameplay – NBA Live Mobile gameplay is quite similar to Madden NFL Mobile. Here we would not like to focus on latest ins and outs but discuss the best possible way to build your dynasty. In the game, you are allowed to enjoy four modes which include head to head, live events, season and leagues. In order to take part in these modes and win the game, you are asked to build a strong team. In starting, you are served with a pack of players. These players are automatically divided into different groups or lineups on the basis of their skills. Before playing the game, you need to select players from each lineup and try to achieve the presented challenge. On buying a new player card, the purchased player will be added to the appropriate lineup.

NBA Live Mobile Review

Time has arrived to make you aware of different modes. Live events basically include season games and different skill challenges. These challenges or season games are not hard to complete and you will earn some quick coins. Some of the live events are locked and will only be available when you reach an appropriate skill level

NBA live offers a very exciting game mode in the form of head to head. In this mode, players are allowed to take control of a quarter. With this type of gameplay, there are zero or very fewer chances of lagging which takes your gaming experience to another level.

Playing the seasons is just like taking part in a season on other traditional consoles. The only major difference is here you are not asked to play many games and each game will only last for two minutes.

Last gaming mode is leagues. There are plenty of leagues which you can join and it is also possible to create your own league if you have 5000 coins in the account.

  1. Controls – Controls are a short aspect of discussion and we would like to go through it quickly. In the game at the bottom left, you are served with a joystick in order to control the player. Just check on the right, the joystick is divided into two categories, offense, and defense. In the offense, you are required to deal with the pass, sprint, and shoot. In the defense, there are basically two controls guard and block. In order to know all the controls deeply, just go through quality online tutorials and enrich your knowledge.
  2. Other Important Aspects – In the game, players must focus on gaining other extras and for this, they need to approach the store and try to purchase numerous player packs. Purchasing player packs are only possible when you spend real money or the money which you have earned via winning games or completing different challenges. The more you play better skills you will develop and faster you unlock the higher levels. If you desire to achieve a specific player or want to shed of extra players, just make use of the auction section.

An Unbiased review!

After covering all vital aspects of the game, we are in a position to present an unbiased NBA Live Mobile Game review. EA has certainly won the heart of basketball lovers with an exceptional game. The graphics are extremely smooth and pleasing to your eyes. There is nothing like signs of lag or hiccups. The movements and looks of the players are incredibly similar to real world players. We do believe the game has no pit holes and has the potential to kill boring moments of your life with ease.

Final Words

NBA Live Mobile is the game to pick and play. The game is a bit difficult for the novice players but there are plenty of beginner guides which you can explore and learn some basic skills. Spending your hard earned money on attaining player cards and coins is a bit foolish decision. It would be ideal to check out the tips and tricks and find out ways to boost your resources.

There are not many mobile games that have the potential to match quality offered by NBA Live Mobile Game. The game has definitely translated to the mobile with ease. If you still have many doubts clicking your mind all the time, better is to check out many other unbiased reviews available on quality online sources. Basketball mobile games have always been an exciting prospect for the game lovers but NBA Live Mobile is something unique and more exciting. Don’t waste a moment to download the game app and start playing NBA Live Mobile right now!

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